is for sale.

The domain is available for purchase. Lucently, which means ‘in a lucent manner’ is derived from the word lucent, which means emitting light; shining, luminous. The root comes from Latin lucere, to shine.

Why buy

  • It is a short domain, only 6 characters
  • It makes use of the popular .ly extension, which both is a domain hack and a popular suffix in the English language to form adjectives and adverbs.
  • It is a high volume keyword, getting between 10,000 and 100,000 searches per month. Keyword puts the volume at 27,000 searches per month globally.
  • Keyword keg gives lucently the CTR score of 100/100. This indicates whether the organic results in the SERPs get clicked on, the higher the score the more organic traffic you are likely to get.
  • There is very low competition for this keyword, which mostly revolve around the definition of ‘lucent’. This will make it easier to brand and rank for the term lucently, and also pay less for advertising.
  • has a clean history with no spam entries.
  • Godaddy Appraise lists the domain at nearly $2,000 USD. is for sale.
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What can you use lucently for?

The sky is the limit for a positive word like

  • Use this domain for your personal brand
  • Use for education or learning services
  • Consultation and Information services
  • Software, or a SaaS product
  • A computer graphics or digital design brand
  • A photography or videography portfolio
  • A lighting store or lighting specialist.